Calories – to Count or Not to Count?

jefitthumb2…that is, calculating exactly how many calories were consumed when eating particular foods, and “burned” when engaging in different activities.

If you consider the equation CALORIES IN vs. CALORIES OUT
creating a deficit would = weight loss
creating a surplus would = weight gain

seems so simple…
but it’s not

If you eat  too little, your’re body senses starvation, DANGER coming, holds on to every morsal of food and fat that enters the body to save you from destroying yourself making it nearly impossible to lose weight and worse even gain weight : (   uggh

If you eat too much, you have too many calories, you have overloaded your system and now you’re gaining weight.

as you drown in frustration you seek the answer … The key is  finding BALANCE!

To do this you must YES EAT FOOD…

BUT the right food at the right time.

Eat food that is nutrient dense, enough calories to sustain your bodily functions, supply energy and then exercise those calories away to create a deficit and  WALAH weight loss 101.

But still the answer is not so simple.. you don’t need to make yourself crazy counting calories but it’s good to have an idea of what your body needs to sustain itself, excess & surplus.

Calories do count, but they are far from the whole picture.

More on this picture stay tuned…

GO for Life! ™

In peace, health & with much love,

Joycelyn Bejar
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer