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Your Goals Determine Your Mindset. 


Customized Meal Plan

Customized Meal Plans

Lean & Mean 8-Week Workout Program

Want to get lean and strong?!

This 8-week training guide will help you build strength, put on lean muscle mass and trim down by utilizing sequence, timing and progression.  You start at your own level and work your way up.

Lean & Mean WOP

JBeFit Abs Program

Developing lean and mean abs for functional strength, posture and aesthetics.

By utilizing sequence, timing and progression this program can take you from beginner to 'superhero' status.  Your goals determine your mindset. Are you ready for the journey? Go for life!

JBeFit Abs Program

Kung Fu Fit Series

Iron legs are no joke. This program offers Kung Fu isometric stance training drills.  The benefits of isometric training includes strength, increasing  joint stability, mobility, flexibility and building muscle.  

Kung Fu Fit Series

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