DISUSE & ABUSE…save yourself from yourself

Aging is inevitable! BUT…

What we do today affects how we feel tomorrow.  Premature aging is as much the result of disuse and abuse of the body as it is the passage of time.

Sarcopenia is the degenerative loss of muscle mass related to aging.

The average decline in muscle mass between age 30-70 has been measured with women & men at 22% & 23%.

Some additional facts:

•Men & Women generally achieve maximum strength between the ages of 20-30.

• A 20% decline in muscle strength that usually occurs between ages 40-65 is attributed to age and disuse.

• Muscle mass has been found to decrease from 35%- 46% after age 60

•Men & Women CAN improve strength with age

• As Muscle Mass decreases with age Body Fat increases.

Strength training can prevent loss of muscle and help to regain that much needed lean mass.

Your Solution: HIT the WEIGHTS!

or more simply put…

USE iT or LOSE iT!

GO for Life! ™

In peace, health & with much love, 

Joycelyn Bejar
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer