How to Calculate and Determine YOUR Specific Heart Rate Zones

Now it’s time to get specific YOUR training heart rate.

We are all different, with different fitness levels, with differing Resting and Maximal Heart Rates.  All this will play a factor in calculating your numbers so you can stay in YOUR zone.

An acceptable approximation:


*After the age of the 30

MHR = 190- (age-30)/2

Now calculate your Resting Heart Rate (RHR)

Take your pulse for 60 seconds when you wake up in the morning before you start fiddling about.

Then you’ll need your Heart Rate Reserve (HRR), to determine a more accurate training zone.


Now you can figure out YOUR specific Fat Burning Range at the bottom range

RHR+(HRR*.5) @ 50%

RHR+(HRR*.6) @ 60%

*MHR for swimming and cycling may be lower by 5 to 10 bps.

Got It!

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