How you are self-sabatoging your nutrition

jefitthumb2I see this everyday…

Trying to save on calories so you either eat the protein by itself or just the carbs for breakfast.  Guys, this is the wrong meal to be playing such games with.

First and foremost, Breakfast is called breakfast for that very reason.  It breaks the fast from the night before.  The sooner you put food into your system the sooner your metabolism starts working.

Next, and most importantly…

Adding protein to a carbohydrate meal lowers the glycemic index of the carbohydrate ingested along with it. This means a longer, slower release of sugar into the bloodstream and delays the onset of fatigue & hunger.

Ultimately what you are doing is setting yourself up for sabotage and your going off and eating things that you shouldn’t be eating just to satisfy your hunger.

This does not work.

What happens when you just eat protein?

You get hungry sooner because you don’t have any carbs to hold you til the next meal.

What happens when you just eat carbs?

You get hungry sooner because you don’t have any protein to slow down the ingestion of the carbs to hold you til your next meal.  And/or your blood sugar levels spike and then you crash!

Either way this way of thinking will set you up for failure. : (

Instead start saving your calories from things you should not be eating ! : /

Stick to the plan and eat your eggs & oatmeal together or whatever protein & carb you have selected for breakfast.

The time of day to eat carbs is at breakfast and either 2 hours before your workout session or your post workout recovery meal.  This is when your body will use them instead of storing fat.

Don’t skip meals and for crying out loud don’t skip breakfast!

p.s. NO complex carbs at night…unless you’re running a marathon the next day and you are carb loading.

That’s it..done. : )

GO for Life! ™

In peace, health & with much love,

Joycelyn Bejar
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer