Yin & Yang

When something ends, something begins
Where something begins, something has ended.

This symbolizes the continuum of life.

In life there is death
In death there is life

Where we find life in death is when those who depart, leave us with a piece of them. It is those pieces that remain with us and how we use them or how we remember them is how we keep them alive.

Terry was spared from the evils in this world and throughout her existence remained pure of heart …this has and will remain a part of me. I am blessed.

Having a sister like Terry always kept things real. It always brought to the forefront what was important and what was needed. There was little room for shallow disorder.

Although I know it was time for her to go, I will miss all the silly things she used to say & do that made us laugh.

What she takes with her when she leaves is another piece of my parents
And so it is that she will be reunited with them and my mom can rest a little more.

With this I am at peace.

In light there is darkness
In darkness there is light …

Keep it real …


Light, love & Peace.

Joycelyn Bejar
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

Eulogy given June 10, 2013