To Vitamin B…

I have to admit, when Vitamin B injections became all the talk, I was skeptical.  I now understand the importance of Vitamin B, not specifically injections but in any form and it is not without merit.

Vitamin B is critical for helping with the transfer of energy and is crucial to the normal functioning of the brain and the nervous system.  If Vitamin B deficiencies exist, the process of energy transfer can be impaired and:

•lead to poor health

•reduced energy levels

•worsening of body composition

•decreased performance

•poor sleep

And just the opposite, by adding Vitamin B it can improve everything!

Vitamin B-12 can be found in meat, poultry, fish, milk and eggs.

I was experiencing sleeping problems, the list of everything I tried goes on.  Once I had integrated the “Bs” and my system was balanced, my sleep quality improved drastically, and now sweet dreams forever!

Sleep well and feel well.

In peace, health and with much love,

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer